Sunday, March 1, 2009

A day in the life of...

I forgot to mention that Maddie gave her very first scripture and prayer in Primary last week. Being the organized and preparedness nut that I am (oozing with sarcasm here), I neglected to practice with Maddie throughout the week so she could feel more confident when it was time to stand up in front of everyone. So with the 5 minutes we had left before we were REALLY late for church, Jonathon gave her some tips and hints and ran through it with her. I was busy gathering up snacks and shoes so I didn't get to see the dress rehearsal.

I honestly thought she was going to be too shy and I was going to end up saying the scripture and prayer myself.
Boy was I wrong!
When it was her turn she walked right up there, pulled out the step stools and climbed up. She could still barely see over the podium but she grabbed the microphone and brought it right down to her mouth. (I think this was one of the tips by Jonathon.) I quietly whispered each phrase in her ear and she proudly and LOUDLY spoke each word into the microphone with more poise and confidence than I could imagine.
After her short scripture she started saying the prayer with equal exuberance and certainty. Then just as she is about to close the prayer...

she started falling off the stool! Luckily I caught her mid-fall and placed her back on the stool so she could end the prayer.

During her fall both of her shoes flew off. She sat down in the front of the primary room to put them back on when she announced to me and everyone else,

"Mom, I totally just felled off the stool!"

I love that girl. Even something as simple as saying a scripture and prayer is fun when she's involved.

So I come in the kitchen and this is where I find Lyndon:

These pictures are a good indicator of 3 things about Lyndon...

1. He is ALWAYS trying to climb to the highest point in a room. Fun, right? Ugh. The island is an easy one for him so he takes advantage of it quite frequently.

2. He LOVES to write/color/draw. It doesn't matter if it's on paper, the wall or my computer screen this kid loves to write. Just when I think I've gathered up every last writing utensil in the house and put it out of his reach, he proves me wrong and I find a little treasure scribbled somewhere.

3. He's a lefty. It's official.

One of the kids favorite past times is jumping off of things...the bed, the couch the ottoman, anything really.

In between jumping, "The Imagination Movers" caught their attention...
I find that those movers can capture me as well. Those kid shows can be so annoying but I bet most of you out there have been lured in by their catchy music and colorful costumes! :)

More jumping...

and more...


Cristiane Evans said...

Oh yeah, Imagination MOvers are cool. I also love Backyardigans, Big Big World, Blue's Clues, Wonder Pets...and the list goes on... :) Maybe I should take a break before becoming a mom, don't you think?

KatieB said...

i'm so glad to see your kids jump on/from furniture. mine do all the time and my friends always look at me in horror when they see my kids doing it. i guess it's cause we've never owned any nice furniture so i never taught them to be careful with it. this is especially a problem when are at the neighbors'.

and about those movers, avery has told me that she likes mover scott the best because of the way his hair looks when he jumps. my got her a pink imagination mover t-shirt.

and to add one last thing to this novel-sized comment, the time has come to get together. name your date and then get your booties on over here.