Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gone are the days that I can shout out my feelings to the crazy drivers on the road...

Yesterday I looked across the room just in time to see Maddie throw her hands up at Lyndon and shout,

"You Idiot!"

it's amazing what little ears pick-up and retain.

Jonathon totally re-did our room while we were in Idaho. Amazing. (pictures will come soon.) About 2 years ago we tried out a paint color in our room on half of a wall. We hated it. We never changed it. It was also a dumping place for anything that we didn't know where to put it.

Well, that's all changed's beautiful, clean and inviting.

So in keeping with the needed change of our room, I've been trying to make the bed everyday. (A task that was pretty much never accomplished before.)

When I started making the bed, Maddie asked if I could come and play with her. I said yes, but I need to finish making the bed first. Her answer?

"What are ya gonna make out of it?"

Here's just some fun pictures of the kiddos...

We went to the park yesterday. They got to choose a treat before we left. This is where their priorities lie..
Maddie chose to sit and eat candy first. Can you say sugar-a-holic? Whereas Lyndon completely forgot about his treat the minute he saw the playground.

I thought this was hilarious...Jon...not so much.
Jonathon came downstairs to find that Lyndon had a ballerina skirt on. Just as Jonathon is giving me the "why must you allow him to wear that stuff" look, Lyndon tears around the corner happily yelling,
"Daddy, Daddy, ook meee, ook meee!" (look at me, look at me!)
...while twirling.

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Cammie said...

Dad's are so funny! I'm sure they all loved the girly shoes, twirly skirts, purses, makeup, and dollies when they were little boys too. My boys love that stuff and they don't have sisters.