Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buddy Boy

After Lyndon got out of the bathtub he ran off to the other room while I was getting Maddie out. He was a little too quiet. I was getting nervous. What was he doing? ...nothing much---just using Jonathon's shirt as a cape, putting on maddie's lipstick and twirling her beads around his head...
People are drawn to Lyndon. Or maybe they're just drawn to him because he insists on it. When he sees someone--friend or stranger--he immediately shoots out his hand and repeats,

"Hi, Hi, Hewwo (hello), Hi, Hewwo..."

...until they return the friendly gesture. I love him for that. How can anyone resisit those big blue eyes and red shaggy hair. I know I can't.

For the past couple months if Maddie is tired, hurt, sick, uncomfortable, crabby, (anything really), she will say (whine),

"I want my daddy."

She's used it far too much to get much sympathy out of me. We were driving when I hear Maddie say her famous line..."I want my daddy." And just as I was about to respond Lyndon sighs and takes the words right out of my mouth...

"I know."

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