Monday, April 27, 2009


While Maddie did this:

Lyndon and I did this:

I love days like today.

Days where it seems that everything is going right. The house is clean (for the most part), the dishes are done, laundry's put away, the kids are napping and I can hear Jonathon finishing up the guitars for his cd in the next room. I also hear the rain splashing on the driveway and falling on the windows. Yes, life is good. Remember when you were a kid and how you felt on Friday afternoons when you got home from school? free. jubilant. energized. You didn't have a care in the could sleep in the next day, watch Saturday morning cartoons and not go to school for 2 whole days.

It's all about having the right perspective though, right?

You see, I've been in this exact situation before...clean house, dishes done, kids napping...but yet I didn't feel the peace that I feel today. It's all about my perspective and having faith. Not everyday is meant to be perfect. believe me. I have many days that are meant to teach me and help me grow. (i.e. when the kids won't listen, when the bills come but the $ is gone, when I look in the mirror and feel less than beautiful, etc.) These days are not meant to ruin us but rather to give us experience for self growth. Only in the last several months have I REALLY figured this out. Only because I've been through some low and disappointing moments have I learned how to rise above and how to find sunshine in rain. Trials and tribulations have only made me a better and happier person.

So even though our house is in desperate need of a paint job (simmer down HOA, we're getting on it), our lawn is a disaster, we don't have millions in the bank, our front room is unfurnished, Jonathon's cd is still not done (but EXTREMELY CLOSE, details soon) and all our bathrooms will probably never be clean at the same time...

I am still happier than I have ever been.

Ahhh, isn't a little perspective nice?


Cristiane Evans said...

Ohh if my friends had the same perspective you do, even MY LIFE would be much happier!

I love all your pictures but the one where Lyndon is so giggly with you is the best!

(I still wanna see pics of the remake in your room! Did I miss them? If so, tell me what post they're in - I'm pretty sure I read each and every one of them though) Miss you guys!

Cammie said...

I needed that reminder. Today I am looking for an orphanage; there are 3 in the SLC area.

Browning Buzz said...

What kind of a cd is your husband doing? What style of music? I keep telling my husband he needs to do that with his guitar skills and incredible voice - he has a few cd's with other people, but not one by himself. Anyway... that's exciting for you guys - the cd coming out!

Kristen said...

nice perspective. those darn bathrooms NEVER stay clean! i love the pics of you and your boy!

Janene said...

I love this entry. You're making my eyes water! Miss you!