Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's hear it for EASTER!

This morning Lyndon picked out this baby Einstein dvd. I took a glance at the cover and said, "Is that a frog?" Maddie immediately broke in and said,
"No Mommy, you're silly, that's a lizard."
I looked at the cover again and I wasn't convinced. It looked like a frog to me. Luckily (I thought) Jonathon just came around the corner so I held up the dvd and said, "What's this?"
"A lizard."
Without even skipping a beat we instantly hear Maddie's little voice behind us whisper a triumphant,
We had a fantastic Easter weekend. On Saturday we were invited to the Annual Egg hunt out at the Dials house. They have a great big red barn behind their house. We parked and as I got Lyndon out of the car he spotted the barn and started chanting, "E-I-E-I-O, E-I-E-I-O". I love him.
Right before the hunt was about to begin, Lyndon found this baseball. A far better treasure than any old plastic egg.

Maddie insisted on wearing her hood the whole time. (So glad I spent so much time making her hair look so cute under that silly hood.)

This where Lyndon was drawn to the entire evening...
I'm sure the boys loved having a little tyke standing right underneath the basket shouting, "BA, BA, BA!" (ball) They were actually really nice about him wanting to play. They let him shoot baskets and feel like "one of the gang".

And THIS is where Maddie parked it immediately after the egg hunt. If there's candy in her possession, she's not gonna wait any time to dig into it.

They found a little patch of flowers to frolic in...

Good bye, flowers. Maddie has no use for flowers when there's a dog around...

Notice what color ALL her eggs are (pick and purple) except did that yellow guy sneak in there? (I bet she took it from Lyndon because it had a good piece of candy in it.)
Thank you DIALS!!! We had an awesome time. It was great seeing so many of our long lost friends. I love that even though we don't get to see much of each other we're able to just pick up where we left off. That's the sign of a good friend.

On to the egg dying..

So the kids were excited about coloring eggs...

...for about 3 minutes.
After we wouldn't let them dip their own hands in the dye, they soon lost interest.

So Jonathon and I ended up coloring the eggs ourselves while the kids looked on.

This Maddie laughing at Jonathon making faces at her above my head...

Easter Morning!

The Easter bunny was good this year...(lucky for us our 2 free blu ray's came in the mail on Saturday! Perfect timing to just add them to the kids baskets!)

Lyndon's basket...
It was a "ball" theme. He's really into balls these days.

Maddie's basket...

I love this picture...
showing off his new sword AND eating candy.

Maddie's been liking the "Little Critter" books lately.

Check out this kids hair...wild man.

When Maddie saw her movie she exclaimed,
"The "Nightmare Before Christmas"...ON BLU RAY!!" We didn't even know she knew what blu ray was.

I was standing by the table when I heard Maddie say, "Hey Buddy, do you want me to help you open that?"
Oh, I love when they get along.

Easter Photo Shoot..kind of.

Showing her muscles...

He's pretending to sneeze here...Ah, Ah Choo!

Classic Maddie. Classic Lyndon (copying Maddie).

Where the heck did he get that candy in his mouth?

Easter was pretty much a free for all when it came to eating candy. But let me tell you, we paid the price.
And it was a BITTER pill to swallow.
2 am...Lyndon wasn't able to hold on to all that candy and let it all go...if ya know what I mean.
On the bright side, he hasn't asked for candy ONCE all day. He's learned his lesson and so have I.
We were able to spend Easter dinner with our good friends at Gina and Jamie's house. It was so YUMMY! Great food and even better friends. Thanks guys, for the perfect end to a wonderful day.


Amy said...

How fun! My kids all love the Little Critter books. The ones we have, we have read so many times that they have them memorized. I need to get new ones.
When I went to the store to get the Easter goods, I coincidently needed to pick up some Pepto Bismol. It was quite the cartfull: tons of candy and a giant bottle of the pink stuff. That pretty much sums up Easter though, doesn't it?

Kellie DeMille said...

That's so funny that Lyndon pretends to sneeze too. Tyson does that all the time and I thought he was just crazy! Who wants to sneeze? Why is it fun pretending to sneeze? These are the questions I would like answers to.

Karla said...

Darling pictures!!And just for the record...I would have totally thought it was a frog!
Katie, it was so good to see you when you were in IF. Let me know the next time you will be here and I will for sure come and see you.