Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My night to shine

Have you ever watched somebody perform or do something on TV and thought, Hey, I bet I could do that--and do a darn good job at it.

You know when you used to watch Double Dare and the team would be trying to complete a physical challenge and they just couldn't pull it out? Or when they would be trying to complete all those obstacles (like sticking their whole arm up that giant nose to find the flag) but they were never be able to grab the flag cause they were slipping and sliding all over the place? I used to always think, if only I could be there... I would rock it, I could totally crawl through a tube drenched in Hershey syrup.

Well, I had a similar experience. Yesterday during my run at the gym I watched "Dancing With the Stars". As I was watching I thought, Hummm, I bet I could do that. Dance, that it. Side note: I have NEVER in my life EVER done any type of dancing. I never took dance as a kid or was involved in any type of dance class. Nonetheless, I knew if I was just given the chance, I could dance it up like nobody's business.

So today as I was looking at the new class schedule for 24 hour fitness I noticed a new class...ZUMBA. This was my chance.

Heaven help us.

This was the description of the class: This workout combines high energy and motivating music with synchronized dance movements designed for any fitness level. Here it was, my chance to shine on the dance floor.

Oh, I shined all right.

I ended up in the front of the class. Great. Throughout the class, I would look over at my instructor to try and figure out her dance moves. When I thought I had it I would glance forward at myself in the mirror to see what I really had. I had nothing. It was brutal. I couldn't believe my body was producing those horrific terribly gawky dance moves. I seriously had no rhythm. It was shameful. At one point we were doing this twirly movement with our hands while trying to keep our feet and hips moving to the rhythm. Uh, sure. As I was contorting my body to try and mimic my graceful instructor I heard her say, "Come on guys, try to make this beautiful." I swear she was looking directly at me.

So I wasn't an amazing dancer like I thought I could be. Oh, well. There's still double dare, right?

I'll take the physical challange, Mark.


Cristiane Evans said...

My Brazilian friend teaches Zumba classes and she was trying to get me into teaching it as well, she said: "Everyone loves Brazilians!" hahaha I said that at least I can move my hips but teaching it will be a later project. I hope you keep trying the Zumba, I'm sure it's lots of fun!

Kellie DeMille said...

Katie, I am still laughing about your Double Dare references! Oh you crack me up! Can I be on your Double Dare team? Man I miss you guys tons!

caroline said...

ha ha- I almost did a ZUMBA post last friday. I LOVE ZUMBA!! our class WAS in the gym with NO mirrors for about a month and a half. In my head I looked awesome doing all the moves just as the instructors did. Then... they moved us to the gym WITH mirrors all around... I couldn't believe what I saw!! I mean- I could tell other class members tried hard but looked...well.. you know... less than graceful, but not me?! The good thing is that I had already become addicted to the class and now that I have seen the awkwardness of my ways, I've been able to fix it a little. I still don't look like that instructor but it's SO fun. At least it's fun and I'm burning calories- right??

Randi said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!! I would love to do Zumba- and the whole Double Dare thing! I think we should make a mock up course! I have figured out the secret to success on DD, if you get a series of messy challenges at the beginning you can kiss that 6 day 7 night trip to space camp goodbye. ( I so wanted a pair of those hightop blinking shoes) You rock Katie!

Cassie Gardner said...

Katie you crack me up! I've been meaning to leave you a comment on your last few posts. I loved the Captian Crunch post...I'm a total sweet cereal girl too! Thanks for the good laugh! :)

Karen said...

LOL!!! Dance is A LOT harder than it looks. I took a couple Latin Dance classes and boy are they a wkout. Good for you for trying though and stick with it, you may be good at it in the end.

The Jen said...

Katie...I love you. I seriously can't believe how much we think a like. Your just better at putting it down on paper :)

The Laing Gang said...

I have always known that we are sister, that we came from the same parents, the same kind of upbringing, the same genetics, but now it is confirmed!! I tried out for the dance team in junior high and recieved my wake up call to the realization of my uncoordination then! Thanks for being my sis and making me feel like I'm never alone! I love ya!!

Lizzy said...

I'll totally go to this class with you... since we are 24 hour fitness buddies and all. I mean... if I ever went. This may be my new motivation!