Friday, April 24, 2009

Maddie girl

Maddie and I had a little fun after I put Lyndon to bed this afternoon. She picked out her outfit, from head to toe. I wanted to get some pictures of her and her "stuff". She has always been a little pack rat. She finds treasures and then stuffs as many treasures as possible in a bag or purse until either a) the bag breaks or b) she gets too frustrated that it won't close. Her usual favorite treasures are necklaces (of course), dogs, leashes, rings, make-up, misc. princess paraphernalia.
I love (well hate, really) that she never looks at the camera. I love it though, cause that's just Maddie. Smiles on her own agenda. She smiling and happy 90% of the day but it's rare that I get a genuine smiley picture of her. It's just not her "thing", I guess.

I can't leave with out a good Maddie story...right?
A few nights ago we we're all having a little sword fighting war. Lyndon got a sword in his Easter basket but all of us were just finding whatever we could that would make do. What does Maddie find to use? a bat. Ouch. She was pretty safe with it but it was still scary to have a 3 year old swinging a bat close enough to your face that you could a feel a slight breeze.
So Jonathon, being the protector that he is, traded Maddie for his foam sword. We thought it would be safer for HIM to have a bat than it was for Maddie. we THOUGHT. During their round of fighting Jonathon got a little too carried away and accidentally hit Maddie on her hand. It hurt. He felt like crap, by the way. She had to take a breather. We could tell she was in pain but she sucked it up, raised her sword and said,
"Let's do it again, Dad. This time just try to not hit my hand."
She's 3 going on 30...


Kellie DeMille said...

Maddie is too funny. I love that her Mom is a photographer and smiling at the camera is not her thing. Too cute!

gloria said...

It doesn't surprise me about maddie,you were the same way.
When I took you for pictures I would say up front just take it don't worry about a smile,it will save us both a lot of time.

The Laing Gang said...

Yep, I seem to remember another little girl who wouldn't smile for the camera!

Kristen said...

i love your captures of your cute girl!