Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh Boy!

I need some help...seriously.

Let me just start by saying that Lyndon isn't a naughty kid. He's really not. Does in he get in trouble now and then? You bet. But he really doesn't mean to be bad.

Until tonight.

Oh, tonight.

After my workout I promised to take Maddie to "The Children's Place" to get some sunglasses...if she was a good listener and didn't whine. (We're constantly working on both.) So, true my word, Maddie, Lyndon and I head on over.

I knew I was in a bit of a pickle when we started the whole shopping experience by Lyndon kicking the whole rack of flip flops (sending them flying off everywhere) as I tried to try a pair on him. Just breathe, I told myself. So I calmly push him away from all the merchandise but as I'm pushing him through the isles he's pulling off every single neatly stacked pile of shirts and pants within his reach. All of a sudden I'm THAT mom. You know, the one whose kid is destroying the store and she can't seem to control him. I would've just left right then and there but I didn't feel it was fair to Maddie who still needed to pick out her sunglasses. I decided to just park him in the middle of the biggest isle where he was out of reach of everything. Just until Maddie can pick out her glasses and we can get the heck out of there. Besides, what harm could he do buckled in to a stroller without anything to touch, right?


The sneaky little thing started to thrust his body forward and backward to move the whole stroller! (This is a DOUBLE stroller, mind you.) Oh yeah, AND the brakes were on. (I start to chuckle every time I start thinking about it now but at the time...not so funny.)

The next thing I know he's made his way over to yet ANOTHER table of neatly folded shirts. You know the drill. Somebody... help me.

Thankfully Maddie finally picked out the sunglasses and we were able to get out of there with only a handful of stares, glares and sympathy nods.

I expect great things out of this kid...because apparently nothing's gonna hold him down, not even being buckled in a stroller.


Erin Cummings said...

Poor you Katie, I know what that feels like, we have one too. They do grow out of it though! We used to have another one who did that but he's well behaved now thank heavens.

The Jen said...

I am fearing the next 8 months. Make that 4 years. Jefferson stuck his hand in a paint can that both Luke and I thought the other had put the cap on. The best part? Oil-based paint. That means it doesn't wash off. We did our best then put him out in the back yard to dry. Thank heavens for arid NM weather!

Cammie said...

Ha! That is so funny. I love it. It makes me happy to know that my little monsters have company.