Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let's hear it for Omaha!

It's been awhile...phew. For some reason it takes me a good week to get back in the swing of life after we return from a trip. Who knows why. But I'm finally back. (I know you've all been on the edge of your seats.)

I've got the the kids occupied with a new movie from Target...Barbie and the Pegasus. I know, it's like I WANT Lyndon to like Barbies. But honestly, he LIKES those movies and I need a few minutes to myself, so there.

Here's an over view of the trip...we'll start with Rachel's wedding. Ahhh, the wedding. It turned out absolutely perfect. Beautiful weather and all. There are more pics on my photo blog if you'd like to see others.

Much to Maddie's satisfaction, she got to be a flower girl. My Mom very graciously made the dress. Cute, huh?

The whole crew. Minus Lyndon. He fell a asleep and we didn't want to wake the beast.

You might be thinking...Humm, funny it's seems like Maddie is NEVER looking at the camera... You are CORRECT. Much to MY dismay she very rarely will look at the camera when I try to take her picture. Ugh. Not one of my favorite things.

Their reception was held at a mansion. No really, it was. It's even called, "The Mansion". It had really cool architecture and a cool vibe. Very fun for a photographer.

Keely, Jonathon's aunt, was very wise (and still is) and remembered to bring activities to occupy the kids throughout the evening. Good thing because they would've entertained themselves by going from table to table swiping the m&m's (meant for the guests). Okay, they did that a little but it really would've been out of control had Keely not come prepared.

Unfortunately this was the only decent (decent as in he was at least looking at me) shot I got of Lyndon. the entire day. just this one. nothin' else. You can't tell by this picture but he had a great on...

On to the dancing...Lyndon's favorite part. At least in the beginning. After he danced with all the girls he could he spent the rest of the night trying to break out of the mansion. Again Keely to the rescue and followed him in and out in and out in and get the picture.
His first dance was with Keely. And Maddie danced with Jonathon.

Then Lyndon moved on to Rylee.

...and then tried to chase her down for more dancing.

...but couldn't catch her so he moved on to the other Riley.

And the night wouldn't be complete if he didn't get a chance to dance with the bride...

After the wedding the party was not over. Is it ever over at the Evan's house? The day after we all got together for dinner, games and hanging out. So fun. The kids were in love with the trampoline AND the 70 degree weather. They spent a good amount of time out here.
(See the barn in the back? Lyndon calls it "the farm".)

part of the crew.

It was such a relaxing trip. Kind of hard to come home. Maybe that's why it's taken me a week to get going...


The Jen said...

Ahh...the world is right again.

rachellynn said...

LOVE these pictures! We cannot wait to get more! Thank you so much, again, for doing them! I love the jumping one because we're all jumping and Maddie is holding her ground- I couldn't stop laughing!