Saturday, September 26, 2009

The two musketeers

Maddie had all of her toys (but she calls it her "junk") lined up on the couch. Out of no where here comes Lyndon jumping up on the couch destroying her perfectly situated treasures. Disgustingly she said to him, "Lyndon, you're really kind of ruining my life right now." His reply? "Sawree, Mawee."

Last night as we were all sitting in the living room, out of no where, Lyndon looked at us and happily announced, "I kick. I kick wall." And then proceeded to do just that. He ran full speed ahead and kicked the wall. And repeating the action at least 5 more times. No idea. none whatsoever.

During lunch Maddie asks me, "Mom, do you know how you can tell if a cloud is sad? It rains." Clever, I thought. But her words of wisdom didn't end there. "Do you know who you can tell that a cloud is angry? It has thunder." And probably my favorite of all, "Do you know how you can tell if a cloud is happy? It doesn't rain or have thunder." She's very wise.

Much to our relief, Lyndon is finally gravitating toward more masculine things. But he still likes to keep one foot in girly stuff. As evidenced by his impersonation of a robot. But not just any robot. A BUTTERFLY robot. That's our boy.

Maddie is 100% sold by commercials. I'll be cooking and she'll start screaming, "MOM!! MOM!!! Come here. Hurry, Hurry. I WANT that. PLEASE!? PLEASE!!?? It's usually for a Barbie, bend-a-roos, my little ponies you know the normal stuff. But lately she has been going gaga (and even knows the catchy songs) for products such as these: The "touch-n-brush (which is a tooth brush dispenser that attaches to your wall. big. ugly.), Shoes Under (a box that is designed to store and easily fit in the unused space under your bed.) and wonder hangers (which are hangers designed to maximize and organize closet space). She knows all the catch phrases and begs me to buy them for her. If she only knew all the useless infomercials that are on late night TV. She'd be in heaven.

While I was doing the dishes Maddie comes up to me. "Mom, do you want me to show you how to play the "Nothing" game?" I agreed. Then she proceeded to just stand there very still and stare at me. Seriously. Does she think of this stuff on her own?

This is Lyndon's "scary" face. The more scared I act, the happier he is.

I noticed Jonathon reading a story to Lyndon and had to take a picture...

The two hooligans using up the last of their energy before bedtime. (yeah, right. the energy source is never dry.) Ben, (our new brother-in-law) bought this cool, but kind of creepy, monkey for Lyndon at the zoo while we were in Omaha.

We did a little craft project. I like walking through Micheal's and letting them pick out something they want to do. Maddie's tastes usually leans toward the more expensive do-it-yourself projects but I can gently nudge her in a new direction pretty easily. And Lyndon just likes to do whatever Maddie is doing. This time they each picked out a box and a piece of paper and decoupaged the paper on the box. Easy and fun.

Are you curious as to what the heck Maddie is doing to her doll? I was. I asked. "Mom, I'm blowing up her water wings." duh. It's so obvious now.

Again with the scary faces...


rachellynn said...

YES!! We're so glad they liked the creepy monkey! haha, when lyndon picked it out we were trying to show him the cool lizard, but nothing doing - he wanted the monkey. We were hoping he'd play with Grandma :)

Shy said...

Hadlee is sold on the touch n brush too! Since it is her job to clean the kids bathroom she is confident that it would save her from the toothpaste mess that she detests wiping up on a daily basis! I'm just happy she cleans it up so I don't have to. Does that make me a bad mom?

Samantha said...

I LOVE your posts! Whenever I need to smile I just check out your blog. Lyndon & Maddie are HILARIOUS! I miss you guys!