Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Boys from Bean Town

Let me paint you a picture...the stadium is completely dark, the crowd is going wild, suddenly I see smoke rising up out of the center of the stage....I begin the see their faces...their torsos, their this real? Am I really breathing the same air as...
The New Kids on the Block???
I wasn't ready for such an adrenaline rush! I had no idea I would be one of those crazed teeny boppers screaming at the top of my lungs for a boy band.
But I was.
I didn't think I would jump up and down like a giddy 12 year old.
But I did.
I didn't think I was their number one fan.
But I am.
Yes, it's true, I just returned from accomplishing a life long dream... attending a NKOTB concert. (Don't worry, I have more sophisticated dreams as well). Call me what you will, but I just had one heck of a weekend! I went with some other NKOTB fans...Teresa, Mallory and Anna. Teresa and I are/were Mallory and Anna's Young Women leaders. Back in May they actually set this whole thing up for us. We had an NKOTB night where we made our shirts, uh well, where we talked and then Mallory made our shirts for us a few days later. :) We prepped ourselves by listening to their music and watching VH1 behind the scenes shows about them. But really nothing could have prepared us for the amazing experience of going to the concert.
We each picked our favorite song and then wrote a line from it on the front of our T-shirts. My favorite song is "Tonight"....remember when we traveled 'round the world? Met a lot of people and gi-i-i-i-i-irls...talked about hangin' tough as long as you got the right stuff, didn't we girl, ahhhh ahhh... Sorry, I just had to break into song there for a second.
On the sleeve of my shirt I wrote "I heart Jonathon" (Who is both a new kid and the name of my hubby. Even though I really heart Jordan but I wanted it to do double duty and show my love for my hubby AND for the New Kids!)
Here we are having dinner right before the show.

Theresa had surgery on her foot a few months ago so she was able to use her disabled parking pass and we parked practically at the front door. How cool are those passes?!
This was fun...While we were waiting for the concert to start everyone was texting messages to the New Kids and then some of them would come up on the big screen. MINE CAME UP! I didn't have my phone so I asked Mallory to come up with something about Jordan being the wind beneath my wings. Here's what is came up with...(Mallory, you're the best.)
It's hard to see but it says, "Jordan, not a day goes by I don't thank the dear Lord for your existence. You are the wind beneath my wings. -Katie"

Just having some fun texting.
(Side note: For those of you who are my age, I realized we too were "texting" in high school. Remember when we would write things on our Ti 85 graphing calculators and pass them to our friends during class? ...Texting.)
right before the concert was about to start.
Here's a view showing where we were sitting...we were actually a little closer than the camera let's on but not by much!

Isn't this so epitome Boy Band? I loved it.

During the concert one of the New Kids said to the audience, Whose husbands are at home watching the kids so you can be heare at the concert tonight?". The audience let out a roar. I loved it. Most of us were there living out a childhood dream. Thank you Jordon, Joey, Jonathon, Donny and Danny. You guys still got the right stuff.

Next goal to work a guest on the Oprah show.


The Jen said...



Why do I move?

NKONB Forever.

Tell Mallory I love her.

The Jen said...

I'm still jealous.

Amy said...

My heart is pounding just reading this! KATIE! I would've flown in for this!!! I am SOOOOO jealous and also happy for you. Girl, NKOTB forevs. Rock it out Joey, I will still be kissing your poster every night even if only in my dreams. AHHH!

The Laing Gang said...

OK, so you lived with me throughout my junior high years so you know how jealous I am (who cares if our husbands don't understand!) But really Katie, it's Joey, not Jordan! Were you always secretly jealous of my NKOTB poster? Love ya! Heather

Cammie said...

I died laughing at your entire blog. You are hysterical! I remember that day in high school when I figured out that NKOTB was a boy-band that I had never heard of or know about. Isn't that sad!? Reading this makes me feel even more sad that I still don't know their, apparently, blessed music :-0

Lizzy said...

i'm pretty jealous. my very first concert was actually NKOTB when I was 8. i wall papered my room with posters of the boys (especially my fav, Donnie). i guess since i couldn't go to the show i'll just have to settle for watching my Step By Step concert video (yeah, that's right... on VHS)

Samantha said...

That is awesome! When I first found out they were coming back I sent a text to my BFF & told her we needed to get tickets to their concert since we wanted to go so bad when we were younger. I ended up forgetting about it but now I am just have to go! BTW-I was a Jordan fan too!

Randi said...

Paint me GREEN WITH ENVY! I also heart the New Kids. I went to a concert of theirs when I was around 10. It was awesome. I wanted to go so bad this time. I also LOVE Jonathon (the band member)! He is truly my favorite!

caroline said...

Jeez, I must be living in a cave or something, how did I not hear about this frickin concert?! I was seriously their #1 crazed teenie bopper fan!(oh who am I a kidding - I still am) I loved Joey and Jordan best! I'm jealous! NKOTB forever!

lindseylikes said...

That is so awesome!!!!! I was livin' the moment with you as a read your blog!!! I wish I could of been there. Let me Know about the Oprah thing!! I would soooo be there (that is one of my goals too!!!)Love ya! NKOTB Forever!!!!!

Mallory said...

YES!! I created a blog pretty much JUST to comment on this!! and Allie wanted to...(I'm going to need some blogging advie haha) word for this concert........AMAZINGNESS!!
If thats not a word..I'm sure you wouldn't know (squozed??)