Thursday, October 9, 2008

what's going on in this head of mine...

Sometimes I have so much stuff running through my mind throughout the day I feel like it's going to explode.So here I go, (brace yourself) I'm going to release it all on the blog...

First...When Lyndon was first born I can remember thinking how cute it's going to be when Maddie and Lyndon talk to each other. Even their little bickering will be so adorable...

Was I an idiot?

Adorable is the last word on my mind when the two of them start going at it. Can it be possible that my little 16 month old really knows how to tease Maddie? He seriously knows all her buttons. I find myself telling Maddie that when she screams like that it will only make him do it more. 16 months. 16 MONTHS.

On to more rambling...

We were driving in the car and this is the monologue I hear from Maddie:

"Daddy got his hair cut at the mall." (Breath)

"Does Santa live in the North Pole?" (Breath)

"We saw Sassy dog at the park." (Breath)

"I don't eat treats."

To anyone who could have heard her or or read this now you're probably thinking how random all of these statements are. Well because I'm her best friend, I know that isn't true. Each of these statements relate perfectly to the next. Here's how...

When she said MALL she thought about how she saw Santa at the mall.

when she said SANTA she thought about how she's going to ask Santa for a sassy dog.

When she said DOG she thought about how dogs eat treats and how she doesn't because, well, that would just be silly for people to eat dog treats, wouldn't it.

I get ya, Maddie. I get ya.

Oh, here on some things that Maddie calls Lyndon:

"Lyndon Boy" (we call Maddie, "Maddie Girl")
"Ga Ga Goo Goo boy"
"Silly old boy" (she also calls Jonathon "Silly old Dad". Pretty sure this came from Winnie the Pooh, "Silly old Bear".)

Jonathon came home with purple lights to put in the trees for Halloween. Yay for Halloween! To our surprise all the lights were not the same color! Half were purple and half So yeah, who knows what we're celebrating. We should just tell Maddie the lights are all for her because those are her FAVORITE colors. (She has a FAVORITE of everything these days.)

Here are my Halloween decorations this year. The cool part (well I think it's cool) is that I got almost everything either from the Dollar store or printed it off!

I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the whole porch but I have a black wooden chair with another black flower pot on the other side of the door. I spray painted the chair and the flower pots in our garage last week. I had the garage door up while I was doing it and our neighbor pulled up in his driveway. As he got out he kind of stuck his head around to get a better look and said with doubt in his voice, "You spray paintin' flowers black?" I quickly said, "It's for Halloween." He looked relieved.

So Maddie loves to try on outfit after outfit all day...and NIGHT apparently. We went in to check on her before we went to bed and she had this completely different outfit on. In the morning I discovered that she was also wearing 3, count them 3, pairs of bloomers!
Also you can't really see it but she fills up bags and purses with her treasures. She hordes a ton of stuff but likes to keeps it all neat and organized. Here she put her princess stool on her bed with 3 full purses stacked one on top on the other. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Okay, here's a fun one...

So any guesses what's on Lyndon's face?

marker? Nope.

paint? wrong.

some type of food? closer.

It's...drum roll please...atomic fireball!!

Where the heck did he find an atomic fireball? He came running to me (still licking it) while whimpering. He was torn, it was so yummy and sugary yet it was burning his tongue off. It's a choice we've all had to make in our lives. I made Lyndon's choice for him. Good-bye fireball. But I had to get the camera first...

Okay and last but certainly not least...

Does anyone know who this is?

This is my new facebook friend...Andy Baldwin...ABC's bachelor. :)

Yes, I'm a nerd and I have watched many season's of The Bachelor. I've actually dragged Jonathon in on it with me. What a good guy. Anyways a couple seasons ago Andy Baldwin was the bachelor. He is an officer in the Navy and my brother in law, Kelly, also happens to be an officer in the navy. Come to find out Kelly is actually friends with Andy! So a few days ago Andy sends a friend request to my sister, Heather. She is now facebook friends with can I not be? :)

Yes, it's true I, shamelessly, sent a friend request to Andy dropping Kelly's name so he would know I'm not a COMPLETE stranger! :) Well, he confirmed it...we are now facebook friends.

BTW my name was on his profile as a new friend just 4 lines above Deborah Gibsons (you might know her as Debbie Gibson) personal message to him! Yes, that's right him rollin' with the big guns now! :)

Jonathon's right, I'm weird.


Casias Clan said...

Katie, I think you are absolutely talented in your decorating and your photography! Next time you are back in Idaho Falls, I want you to take our family picture. We have never had one! Your kids are gorgeous!
Tiff Perkes-Casias

The Jen said...

I wouldn't say your weird...just a weird kind of way :)

Also, I love your kids. They crack me up.

The Jen said...
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Vanessa said...

Katie you are so dang funny, I love reading your blog! I LOVE your skull and spider jars, they are creepy cool. And I was laughing like crazy over the atomic fireball - my favorite part is getting through the heat and eating the center, but I REALLY struggle with the heat. So I felt so bad for your little guy!

Samantha said...

You are hilarious! I LOVE your Halloween decor! I too am a Bachelor fan, I thought Andy was one of the best. That is awesome that you are now Facebook friends!

Cristiane Evans said...

Your decoration looks FANTASTIC! I need to work on mine... why am I so busy, I don't even have my own kids!Taking care of 5kids from other families might count then... =)

lindseylikes said...

Kate, Your house looks amazing!!!!I love love love it. Are the pictures of Maddie & Lyndon canvas? I love them. I know how you feel having so much on your mind that it just might explode! I love you sis! Love linds! p.s. I love mom and dads blog