Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What will they do next?

Lyndon's non-verbal communication is top notch. We are upstairs when he comes whimpering to me. He urgently points to the stairs while shoving a play cookie in my face (still whimpering). Hummm...okay, he wants to go downstairs.
Phase 1 complete: he is downstairs.
As soon as I put him down he runs (while whimpering) to the bean bag chairs. As he's grunting trying to pull the bean bag chair in front of the TV I decide, ah yes, he wants the beanbag chair in front of the TV.
Phase 2 complete: beanbag is in front of TV.
Next he finds the remote (while whimpering), gives it to me and points to the TV. Okay, so now he wants me to turn the TV on.
Phase 3 complete: TV is turned on.
Last but not least, he proceeds, again,to shove that play cookie in my face (while whimpering) and smacking his lips. Gotcha. He wants a snack.
Phase 4 complete: he has a snack.
Mission Completion! Lyndon, blissfully eating a snack while watching TV. I'm a little nervous what he'll have me do when he can actually TALK!
Okay, here are some good times. The last time I saw her she was tucked in bed for her nap with a shirt and shorts on (clean skin)...and this is how I find her after her so-called "nap" ...
Later that same evening I run upstairs to grab something and come down to this:

she thought it was hilarious.

I was cooking dinner and I look over to check on Lyndon. Here's what I see...

So, of course, I say, "Where's Lyndon? Is he hiding?" And then I see...

Maddie and I made bread, cinnamon rolls and pull apart yesterday. I love this time of year and the smell of bread baking in the oven makes it that much sweeter. Maddie made her own little loaf.

Lyndon copies everything that Maddie does. He LOVES to play pretend with her, especially pretend eating! Maddie set up this little tea party for them.

I wish this had sound but every time Lyndon pours a drink he makes a pouring (shhhhhh) sound. It is adorable! He also likes to pretend to chew and makes the cutest little fishy lips while he's pretending.


EmmaLee Robinson said...

You have to love kids. What did she get all over herself? That picture killed me. That is the phase Jared is in right now.

Casias Clan said...

I love to read your blog! You have the cutest stories to tell! I love the little feet hanging out and playing hide-and-go-seek! How adorable is that!!!!!

Erin Cummings said...

Nothing is better than pretend play! I love watching any child making up a world around them and it always surprises me at how incredibly creative they are. I loved your daughters skin art! That is two of my kiddos favorite things to do right now too. So fun...for the kids....and as long as it doesn't get all over the carpet and walls, sometimes fun for moms too!

Rachel said...

Your family is so beautiful and so is your blog! YOur Maddie reminds me so much of my Audrey. She is full of so much life and joy and it seems your maddie is that way. From the clothes to the skin art. I think they were sisters in another life. Seriously! So happy for you.