Saturday, October 25, 2008

My 4 minutes...

Every day, uh, every day I take a shower that is, I get 4 minutes of total and complete thinking time. But it's not while I'm actually IN the shower because the kids still come and see me. (They have to make sure I'm still within 30 seconds of them.) My thinking time comes in the form of...

Blow Drying My Hair.

I'm sure many are thinking well, Maddie and Lyndon can STILL come and interrupt my thoughts just like they do while I'm showering. But here's the kicker...the hair dryer works a bit like Maddie and Lyndon repellent, if you will. That's right under no circumstances do either of them come to my while I dry my hair...they hate it, I love it. Don't get me wrong, I love those two little munchkins with all my heart and soul but for heaven's sake 4 minutes of COMPLETE and TOTAL thinking time is enough to make me giddy.

So here's a sample of what thoughts come to me during this sacred time:

  • Why can't Maddie remember to wipe the seat after she goes potty? ...she's no longer allowed to use our bathroom. Ugh.
  • I wonder how many calories those cookies were I just had for breakfast?
  • That concert was so fun..."hangin' tough, hangin' tough, hangin' tough, are you tough enough oh, oh, oh, oh, oh just hangin' tough"... I should listen to their new stuff...
  • I need to order my book for book club book from Amazon. Why do I wait till the last minute?
  • Oh, that reminds me, I also need to get Maddie's and Lyndon's birth certificates. Seriously, why am I such a procrastinator?
  • You got me straight trippin' boo. Jonathon is so funny. You got me straight trippin' boo.
  • Wow, my hips look pretty small in these jeans...oh, I see, the counter is just hiding them.
  • Let's see, if I get my hair cut around the middle of November I won't need to get it cut again before we leave for Christmas. ...Or will I?
  • I'm glad we'll have a turkey dinner at Jonathon's parents house for Christmas eve, I'm a little sad we aren't doing anything for Thanksgiving. I'm sure Mimi's Cafe will be yummy.
  • I wonder how Kenia Ann is? I should call her.
  • I can't believe Mallory and Anna cleaned up Maddie's poopy mess, they deserve a metal.
  • Lyndon ate oatmeal!!!! I'm the best Mom ever!!!

And that concludes my 4 minutes of "Katie's Thinking Time". Good bye hair dryer, Hello kids.

Maddie and Lyndon LOVE to just sit on Jonathon's lap and listen to music. I'm not sure how long the three of them sat here but they were all quite enthralled and loving it.


Erin Cummings said...

Shoot, I wish that worked on my kids. I turn on the dryer and they come running and ask me to blow their hair away too. Even the dog comes. She loves it too. If I want alone time, I have to go hide in the bathroom and tell them it is too stinky for them to come in! I feel bad lying, but sometimes you just need a couple seconds to yourself! Love all the thoughts that run through your head, that was pretty funny!

Karen said...

LOL! So funny, my kids are the same way, Kaily that is, she hates the hairdryer. Maybe I should start blow drying my hair...Probably not. Anyway I loved your thought process. I LOVED the photo of the kids, so cute.