Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FUN sent from Grandpa and Grandma!

Jim and Kris (Jonathon's parents) just returned home from a trip to Spain. They had a great time and WE had a great time opening the package they sent with our souvenirs they brought back. A HUGE thank you to them for everything. We loved taking each box out layer by layer only to reveal more and more great stuff! side note: it's taking all my self control not to rip into those gymboree boxes that are for Maddie's birthday! Don't worry, I'll be patient and wait! :) Not only did they send souvenirs but they also sent Halloween goodies!
Kris made these adorable out fits for the kids. Of course they turned their pitch fork and wand into swords...good vs. evil...who won? You don't want to know. Lets just say for never having formal sword training, Lyndon is exceptional! :)

Yes, those are little devil wings embroidered on the back of Lyndon's shirt!

This is the cutest lil' devil I've ever seen!

No devil would be complete without a pitch fork!

Our little cutie pie. She shocked me and actually looked directly into the camera. Miracles. Miracles.
This an authentic Flamenco dress from Spain. Maddie calls it a "mango" dress. She loves it so much I had to threaten to put it away for good if she didn't take it off to go to bed. What girl wouldn't love this dress? ...Ruffles, frill and fringe...

This is how great Jonathon is...while I was off being a 12 year old (going to NKOTB), Jonathon took the kids to a pumpkin patch for the day! AND he even took the camera to take pictures. How wonderful is he? Maddie and Lyndon BOTH loved loved loved the goats. They let the goats eat right out of their hands.

Checking out a few pumpkins...Jonathon told them they could pick out any pumpkin they wanted. So what do they choose? 2 of the TINIEST pumpkins you've ever seen! (Not pictured.)

There was a corn maze that Maddie just HAD to go in. They also got go for a hay ride. They all had a blast. Thanks, Jonathon, you get the "Dad of the year" award in my book!

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