Monday, July 25, 2011

And they call it Puppy Love...

This has been a long time coming...we finally got a dog! His name is Charlie. He's a cocker spaniel/terrier mix. We got him on Friday from the Humane Society in San Antonio. He's only 8 weeks old. He has 3 siblings that were so cute too but we just couldn't resist Charlie. He was the most laid back of the bunch with the most adorable little face. He loves to cuddle when he's ready to play, watch out! He's a ball of energy.

Maddie and Lyndon LOVE having a dog. If Maddie could have her way she would hold Charlie and carry him around all day long. But he's still so little that for now she's only allowed to sit down and hold him.

We knew we were going to pick him up a few days earlier so Maddie spent some time making welcome signs and signs so that Charlie would know where things were. Just like this one:

It say's "Welcome Puppy" and the sign below it says "bed" with an arrow pointing down.

We're excited to have Charlie in our family for many years to come.


Cristiane Evans said...

He's too cute!!!! Maddie's signs are awesome, I'm sure Charlie feels more than welcome in his new loving home!

Kellie DeMille said...

Oh my heck! What a cutie :) Welcome to the lovely world of dog ownership. We have had our crazy mutt, Nickel for 6 1/2 years and it has been a wild ride.

Karen said...

what a cute puppy! I love that Maddie made signs for him.