Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Girls.

I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest person in the world to have the friends that I do. And what's even better is that we've all been friends since Jr. High! My life is better because of these girls. We've always wanted what's best for each other and I honestly can't remember us ever fighting. They've all become such beautiful woman with wonderful families.

For the last couple of years we've been able to get together for a few days for a reunion. We talk, laugh and eat...heaven, huh? :) We didn't get a chance to go anywhere this year so we met up for breakfast at the infamous Smitty's in Idaho Falls. Our husbands joined us but because they couldn't find a table that was big enough for all of us the husbands sat together at a table of their own while we sat together at a table behind them.

The beautiful Kenia Ann. We were room, roommates all four years of college. I love this girl more than words can say.

The gorgeous, Amy. She has one of the strongest wills and best attitudes I've ever met. This girl make me laugh out loud, even if it's just in an email.

This picture makes me laugh...us girls knew we needed to get home to relieve our babysitters or to just get going but the guys couldn't stop talking! We were waiting to get a picture before we left so we finally had to ask the guys to move it along so we could get going!

from left to right: Amy (Munk) Askerlund, Amy (Francis) Anderson, Kenia Ann (Hinckley) Reed, Shyla (McAffee) Aaron, and me. 


Amy said...

Ahhhh. I love it! And I love you girls! We are seriously lucky. Thanks for the post. :)

Shy said...

Amy said it perfectly! I love you all too! And, it was so fabulous to have you and your cute family stay with us! We love you!