Saturday, July 30, 2011

still catching up...fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Thanks to Jonathon and Dustin we got to have our own fireworks show in my parents backyard on July 5th. The kids were all watching from a blanket. I love the fact that we are able to sit on the grass. In Texas the grass is way too pokey and you would be attacked my fire ants if you decided to sit on the grass. Ahhhh!

Jonathon let the kids light a firework. 

I love the look on their faces as they run away.

drawing with sparklers.

Maddie made an "M".

The fireworks toward the end of our evening were wild and crazy, to say the least. We were all sitting way too close for some fireworks that surprised us by shooting out instead of up! The kids scattered like flied toward the house. After that we all watched from a nice and safe distance.
Here's the kids finding safety in the arms of Lindsey.

I love to get snow cones while we are in Idaho Falls in the summer. I usually get red raspberry but just lately they started adding cream and boy oh boy, it's tasty!

My red raspberry and cream!

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Cristiane Evans said...

I can totally relate to the kids getting scared with the fireworks. Daniel and I (and even Michael actually) got pretty scared because one of the fireworks shot out and made incredible loud pops! I thinked I grabbed Daniel and was inside of the house in 2 seconds... poor baby lol