Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The beginning of our summer trips...San Antonio

For the last month we've been of vacation. Phew. It's been a blast, to say the least. We started out in San Antonio and spent 4 days there. We went to 6 flags, Pure Fun, swimming at the resort and downtown SA. We didn't get any pictures of 6 flags because I didn't want to take my camera in the park. Maddie rode as many of the big roller coasters as she was allowed to ride. She loves them! She even went on some upside down rides. Lyndon had to be forced to go on the basic kiddie rides but he soon realized how much he loved them. But he still wasn't about to go on anything too scary!

Here are some pictures of swimming at the resort... The pool is on the roof so it had a great view of downtown SA.

This place is called "Pure Fun"...and it really was! We had such a good time. There was only about 3 other kids in the whole place the entire time we were there so it was like we had it all to our selves. There was huge inflatables that we would do timed obstacle courses on. We also played some pretty riveting games of hide and seek. I'm pretty sure Jonathon is the king of hide and seek.

They also had this fun slide area...

We went to the riverwalk so the kids could eat at the Rain Forest Cafe. They love that place. All in all it was a great trip!!! SA is a fun and close getaway.

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