Thursday, November 13, 2008

Both kids have been extra snuggly lately. I, of course, am in heaven. When I pick Lyndon up from his crib, (along with his silky blankie, of course) he immediately lays his head down on my shoulder and hugs me. Tight. He doesn't let go for a long time. I revel in it as long as he will let me. Soon enough he sees something that will catch his eye and pulls his head up. But until that happens, I soak up as much Lyndon time as I can.

I'm in love with being a Mom to these two little rascals.

Today I took them to Christmas land...Garden Ridge. Watching their little faces light up while staring at all the Christmas decorations makes me remember the excitement and amazement of Christmas like when I was a kid. Remember when you would see that first Christmas commercial or when they would advertise for the upcoming "Frosty the Snowman" show? It was such a thrill to know that the holiday season was starting. Christmas in our house was AWESOME. My parents really made a big deal out of holidays. Our house was always decorated so cozy with the same decorations year after year. I loved seeing my Mom pull out those little pine cone Mr. and Mrs. Claus', the plastic holly berry wreath with the big green candle that went in the middle, and of course all the Christmas tree decorations. We always made new homemade decorations each year. One year my Mom even made "My little Pony" ornaments out of felt and yarn for their hair. Each pony was unique with it's own decal on it's hiney. You can imagine how thrilled 3 young girls were every time we passed the tree. I remember taking them off the tree quite often to play with them.

Now we get to help make those kinds of memories for Maddie and Lyndon.

Along with having 2 kids who are extra snuggly lately, we also have had 2 comedians living with us. My only question is, Where do they come up with this stuff?! Here's a good dose of "The Maddie and Lyndon Show"...(good for whatever ails ya!)...

Jonathon was putting Maddie to bed. He tucked her in, bent down to kiss her and then said "Good night, I love you." To which Maddie reached up, patted him on the head and said, "That a kid!" How old is she, anyways?

We've put our Christmas tree up (gasp, yes, I know...). Lyndon is understandably drawn to it. After about the 16th time of me telling his to not take off any more ornaments, I got right down to his eye level and said in a stern voice, "Lyndon,... no no,... do... not... touch... the... tree." He dropped his head down low and replied in a sincere deep little boy voice, "Ohhhh-tayyyyy". I had to turn my head to keep from busting up. Now I try to pose questions to him just so I can hear him answer, "Ohhh-tayyy".

Maddie, Lyndon and I were driving to H-E-B the other day. I was giving Maddie a little quiz.

Me: "Where do you live?"
Maddie: "Round Rock, TX!"
Me: "Where does Grandpa and Grandma Perkes live?"
Maddie: "Idaho!"
Me" "Where does Grandpa and Grandma Evans live?"
Maddie: "Um.......the airport?"

Lyndon is BY FAR the best hide and seeker I have ever met. Except tonight Lyndon was the only one first. We were downstairs and I told him to lay down because I was going to get a diaper from the pantry so I could change him. I returned from the pantry 7 seconds later only to find that Mr. Lyndon had vanished. Little stinker, I thought. I go to the next room...not there. I look in the bathroom. Not there. I look in the kitchen. Not there. Okay so he must have sprinted upstairs in the 7 seconds it took me to get the diaper. I'm not surprised, he's done it before. I go up stairs to look for him and by now I'm calling out, "Lyndon?!, Lyndon, where are you?" I do a quick glance upstairs thinking that I'll probably find him in the playroom or maddie's bed. No Lyndon. By now I'm chuckling because it's been about 3 minutes of me looking for him (with no Luck) when it only took him 7 seconds to hide. He's 17 months. I'm 31 YEARS, I can find him. Jonathon hears me calling out his name so he as well as Maddie join the search crew. After looking in every room, nook and cranny we NEVER found him. The little scoundrel miraculously appeared out of no where only after I shouted that he could have a piece of candy if he came out! He hid somewhere downstairs and we didn't get to see where because we were upstairs when he came out. If he can outsmart the whole family at 17 months, I'm afraid for the future.

Maddie is a typical 3 year old and doesn't take kindly to eating anything that is green. Last night for dinner she was told that she had to eat one bite of vegetable each time she ate a bit of chicken (which she loves). She politely refused. So being the superdad that Jonathon is she said, "Maddie, Mommy and I eat all of our vegetables that's why we are so tall and can ride on roller coasters." (side note: Maddie wants to ride a roller coaster SO BAD. She knows she has to be taller because she tried to ride the shamu ride at sea world only to be sent packing because she was too short.) Well, after she heard that eating her veggies will be her ticket to ride, she said, "Um. I'm gonna need those green beans right here." (pointing to her plate). Ahhh, it feels so good to win a round every once in a while!

For Family Home Evening on Sunday night we made sugar cookies with the kiddos. They loved the sprinkles. Madaline obviously doesn't understand the term "sprinkles". She thinks it means something more like "Dump".
Yes, Lyndon even turns cookie cutters into bracelets. Just a phase...just a phase...

These picture were taken by Mallory and Diana. They are two of the sweetest most genuine and funny people I know. Lyndon and Maddie adore them. They have watched our kids for "service" so many times I've lost count. I had to go to to a meeting for Young Womans this night and they stepped up to watch the kiddos at Mallory's house. AND even took these pictures so I could blog about it! :)

This is a ceramic dog that Madaline is obviously very attached to. Poor girl. Why won't her parents buy her a real dog?!

Mallory and Diana, if I haven't told you before, YOU GUYS ROCK! Those guys at BYU-Idaho don't know what's comin'!


Amy said...

OK Katie! I am missing you way too much lately!! I watched our Rob video today and...were we dorks? I was almost too embarrassed to even laugh! But there was one part that got a laugh out load. Ice blocking. Jolene goes first, eats it in the grass, says "oooooh Amy" very distraught. My response? "It's a tough hill, Jo. You get grass stains." Anyway, love ya girl! So many memories.

The Bryan Family said...

I have to say - "knowing" that Grandma and Grandpa Evans live at the airport just goes to show what brilliant deductive reasoning that girl has (btw - she gets it from me)... ;) I mean, I can see it now - "It's time to go to the airport so we can see G & G Evans..." or "Daddy is going to the airport to get G&G Evans!"

She's probably just horrified that with them so conveniently located, you don't see them more often.

You'll have to ask me to tell you about my 3-yr-old deductive reasoning sometime...