Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Joys

There's nothing like having an extremely honest 3 year old scrutinize your face from a very close proximity...

Being the nice Mommy that I am, I went in and laid down by Maddie for a few minutes while she was trying to fall asleep. Mistake #1. Recently we put up a strand of white Christmas lights in her room because, well, doesn't everyone want Christmas lights up in your room? Mistake #2. Mistake #3 came when I decided to lay down with her, face to face. The next thing I know she's got both hands softly stroking each side of my face. Awwww, what a little angel...

that is until I hear her say..."Mommy, your face is so bumpy!"

I gotta say even though I'm a grown woman with a good sense of self confidence, I was pretty self conscious after that. It doesn't stop there. After blatantly letting me know that my skin is not as dove milky soft as I would want it to be she then accusingly points out the blemish on my chin and says, "what's that red dot?" Come on, give me a second to catch my breath after the first punch!
And for the last and final blow she then points out that I have something white on my two front teeth. (I have some sort of white calcium deposit there from taking a certain medication when I was an infant. It's something I've always been just a bit self-conscious about and even more so now that she kindly pointed it out to me.)

Blast those Christmas lights, if they weren't there to illuminate my face I would still have a self-esteem.

Last week I found Maddie having a quaint tea party with 2 of her BFF's. She even put on one of her princess dresses in honor of her guests. I love the sunglasses on Aurora. :) As if tea just wasn't enough time spent with each other, they also had a sleep over in Maddie's bed. I gotta say though, that Cinderella and Aurora are such bed hogs!

Here's anther fun Maddie story...
All four of us were just hanging out. Maddie and Jonathon were horsing around and Maddie got a bit rough and gave Jonathon a little smack ion the face. He paused the fun and said,

"Maddie, that's not nice. Do I smack YOU in the face?"

Maddie replied, "No." (Pause) (Longer Pause) "Mommy smacks me in the face though!" (Big smile.)


Did she just accuse me of smacking her?! Of course it's just after I'm telling Jonathon how honest she is about everything...

***For the record, I have never laid a finger on that honest little girl.***

Lyndon watched Jonathon play a racing game so as soon as Jonathon was done Lyndon hopped up and took a turn at the controls. I love how he really gets into it by leaning the way he wants the car to go.

Lyndon just said his first sentence!!
The unfortunate part is that the only reason that he said it was out of grief, frustration, and desperation. He LOVES balls, loves them. He was in playroom and threw a ball across the room. He then proceeded to run and after it to throw it again. Well, in swoops Maddie. She intercepts the ball and sends Lyndon into hysterics.

"Ba! Ba!", he urgently pleads.

Maddie still does not relinquish the ball.

"Ba, Ba! MY BA!"

That's right folks, Lyndon's first sentence was, "My BALL!". Huh, I wonder what else we can get him to say under pressure.

One more thing I have to add about Lyndon. I've been exercising at home lately because it's been too cold to go running outside in the morning. (I know, I know, I'm a huge whimp.) Maddie will usually just go upstairs and play while I'm exercising but my little buddy, Lyndon, loves to exercise right along side of me. When I touch my toes, he touches his. When I do a push up, he's right beside me doing his version. His "cool down" comes a little earlier than mine though. He "cools down" by sitting on my stomach while I'm doing my sit-ups. Man, I love that kid.

I took the kids out for an impromptu photo shoot to see how I liked this particular location. We had a really fun time. I told them they could go and play on the jungle gym when we were done but they were having so much fun just running around that they just wanted to stay there. So I was able to get some cute pictures of the two of them playing.

This little sequence melted my heart.

Proud Mama moment.


Cristiane Evans said...

You ARE getting better and better with your pictures! Awesome,awesome AWESOME!!! I love it all!

Heather said...

Aww. So sweet!

Cammie said...

Cute end to that blog :) Sometimes kids are crazy! Fun and crazy!
Thanks for the invite to the carepage (I'm not sure if that's what it's called) I am excited for Jan 8, we're praying for all of them.

EmmaLee Robinson said...

They pictures are so cute. You are amazing. I do think of Higbee and 12th street a lot. I am surprised that we survived those days. When I look back at what our parents would let us do I am in shock. I would never let my kids do half that stuff. It is really too bad that times have changed so much, because we had so much fun.

The Bryan Family said...

Ahh.... 3-year-old commentary! It's the reason that I have been shaving my arms for the last 13 years. When David's sister was three(who is now 16), I was helping her wash her hands when she proclaimed, "Wow - you have arms like a boy!" (referring to their hairiness.) Not anymore, I don't. Not anymore. :)