Friday, November 28, 2008

What kid doesn't love McDonald's? Our kids especially do. You wanna know why? One reason is because Maddie has taken a seemingly "healthy" option of apples and caramel sauce and turned it into her own personal sticky paradise. She not only dips her apples in the caramel but also chooses to dip EVERYTHING else in there as well...chicken nuggets, fries, fingers, her hair...

Our treats for family home evening consisted of banana chucks with lots of dipping choices. Obviously chocolate was the family favorite. It amazes me how quickly and efficiently these 2 can make a mess. They're really gifted, I'm telling ya.

Maddie has been having some trouble taking her afternoon naps. Just when I think she's asleep because all in quiet in her room, I come in to find this...

a whole tea party spread out on her bed.

Yes, I was invited to tea. And yes, I did stay and have cup. She's quite the hostess.

This is the floor under the chairs where my two darling children eat most of their meals. Let me quickly identify what you are seeing in this picture:
Macaroni and Cheese (from yesterday's lunch), popcorn from yesterdays snack (there was actually a lot more under there but Lyndon kept eating it before I could get a picture of it.), a piece of pepperoni from my dinner that I kindly shared with Lyndon only to have him throw it to the floor in disgust because it didn't please his picky palette, cheerios from breakfast this morning and 2 random dirty spoons.

So why do I post this disgusting picture showing my true housekeeping?

When my kids look back on this book (I'm turning my blog posts into a memory book), I want them to know that their Mom would rather spend time changing their dress-up clothes for the
16th time or cuddling with them on the couch then clean up the floor under which they sit.

This was a family Home Evening Project...Our Thankful Tree.

Maddie is thankful for Lyndon (all her idea) and juice.

Lyndon is thankful for Balls and a healthy body.

I am thankful for Daddy and yummy food.

Jonathon is thankful for talents and modern technology.

*Huge thanks to Caroline for the idea!!

I know it sounds mean but I just couldn't help myself take pictures of how ridiculous Lyndon can be when he throws a fit. He wanted to stand up on his little car and being the mean Mom that I am, I didn't want him to fall so I made his get down.

Now that he knows I'm still not being sympathetic to his desires he's running to me so that he can REALLY show me just how mad he is.

We made up.

Maddie is showing her love.

Aaahhh, look at that face.


The Jen said...

Love the tree Katie, I am ripping that idea off for next year.

caroline said...

your tree turned out so dang cute!! I love how you framed it and turned it into festive decor.
Oh and I love Maddie's naptime tea party-I think that's sweet that she at least
invited you :)

The McGraths said...

I LOVE your thankful tree! I will copy you next year. I've seen a lot of those this year but yours looks the best and seems easier to manage than some of the others I've seen. Your kids are so cute and seem to have big personalities. So fun!

The Jen said...

Hey. Where did you go?

Cammie said...

I miss your blog. blog Katie blog.

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

We sure missed yous guys over the holiday. Hope y'all are having a blast in "Zion" ;)