Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Could it be?

Jonathon thinks I use the phrase "I hate it" too liberally. He likes to save phrases like this for times that he truly means it. So after he pointed it out I finally heard my self saying it over and over again like, "Our carpet upstairs, I hate it." and "I really don't want to clean the bathroom, I hate it." or "LOST isn't returning until January, I hate it." I decided it was time to save "I hate it" only for times that I really and honestly mean it.

I hate swallowing cough medicine.

I Hate it.

I admit, I've always been a complete baby about taking any medicine. I was a teenager before I was able to swallow a pill. Don't judge. I've always contributed it to the fact that I have really large tonsils and they were keeping the pills from going down my throat. I'm sure that really isn't medically possible but it helps me sleep at night.

Anyways, swallowing cough syrup has always been a challenge. When Jonathon and I were first married he made me take some cough syrup. I wanted to refuse but I also wanted to look brave for him. He poured it in the little cup and handed it over. I brought it to my lips...but couldn't seem to make myself open my mouth. I was trying to think of anything and everything to get out of this seemingly unbearable task. After some coaching from my new hubby I was able to pour it in my mouth...almost...I chickened out about 20 times before I got it down. By this time Jonathon is thinking...who in the world is this wimp I just married?

Fast forward 6 years...yesterday morning, to be exact.

I'm standing in our kitchen with that stupid little cup of cough syrup holding it up to my lips with my eyes closed. I open my eyes just as I finally get the courage to open my mouth and swallowing it down .

But wait.

What do I see? Could it be?

As I opened my eyes I caught sight of one of the trees in the backyard. IT'S FULL OF FALL!! that was just the excuse I needed. I decided it was way more important for me to document this beautiful Fall tree than to take some icky old cough syrup.

Just the excuse I was looking for. So here it is...

P.S. After I exhausted all my excused I DID finally down the cough syrup. It wasn't good.

Maddie was invited to a Princess Party!!

She had so much fun! She got all dressed up and I did her hair "like Aurora's". (Yeah, I don't see the resemblance either but she does, that's all that matters.)

There were big princesses and little princesses. the big girls were so great and helped do pretty much everything for the little princesses. They served them food, played a princess game with them, read princess stories to them and even painted their nails. These big princesses were amazing. Oh yeah, we also had 2 princes, Prince Carter and Price Lyndon. (Although, I think secretly Lyndon wanted to be a princess. He is holding a sword in this picture so that should make Jonathon feel a little better.)

Here they are playing a princess game. Yep, Lyndon loves to be right in the middle of the action.

Cutting the princess cakes. It was all so fancy and elegant.

Maddie was patiently waiting for her cake. She was eyeing the piece she wanted.

So this wasn't Lyndon's seat...after each girl finished and left the table Lyndon swooped in and finished off each of their left over snacks and cake! By the time we left he had sufficiently cleaned each and every plate. Good job Lyndon, way to make me look like a mom who doesn't feed her kids! :)
HUGE Thank you to Tracy and Katie L. for the amazing party! We had so much fun.


Samantha said...

How fun-Maddie looked like she was in Heaven! I hate taking cough syrup or Nyquil or anything. I have to count to 3 then hurry & drink it. It usually takes a couple of times counting! We are still in Henderson, about a block up from Green Valley Ranch. We love the area and love not being in an apartment anymore! I could use some of your decorating skills though!

The Laing Gang said...

Didn't mom invent the smashing the pill and putting it in jam for you?

Kristen Duke Photography said...

what a nice fall tree you have! Fun to see the princesses, too.