Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to...


That's right I'm the big 31 this year. Wow. I can remember when my Mom turned 31. I didn't necessarily think that was OLD but I certainly didn't think that was YOUNG.

I've learned a lot since then...I've learned that 31 is still VERY YOUNG. There are a lot of things about me that make me young. For instance, I still call my Mom whenever I have a question about cooking, sewing or when I want some sympathy. I still have never cooked a turkey. I like watching shows like "Rob and Big" and "My Super Sweet Sixteen". (If you don't know what those are, I'm sorry to say but you might be getting old.) :) And, what else? Darn I can't think of anything.

Okay, so on the flip side here are some things about me that may show how old I really am. For instance the shows that are now on Nick at Night are sitcoms that I remember watching in Prime Time. (Can "Fresh Prince of Bel air" seriously be on Nick at Night? What happened to Donna Reed and Mister Ed?) I've bought a shirt at Anne Taylor. I admit to liking Barry Manilow. (Oh, Mandy well you came and you went without taking and then i sent you away, ooooh Mandy...) I use a special under eye cream because I fear that I am developing fine lines. And last but not least when I mentioned I was going to a "New Kids on the block" concert several of the Young woman in our ward said, "Who's that?". And then the girls that DID know who they were described them as "the Backstreet Boys in MY generation".

Okay, so as I lay out the facts it looks like the scales are tipping slightly to the "old" side. But you know what, I'm, happy with that because I still feel VERY YOUNG on the inside. My life is wonderful and I'm so content and happy that it really doesn't matter what my actual age is.

Here's what happened on my birthday:

In the morning I was able to attend a fabulous very fancy birthday party...

for one of Maddie's little friends.

It was actually really fun. It was a "Fancy Nancy" party. All the little girls AND the moms dressed up in our fanciest attire. I wore some very very high heeled shoes from a wedding that I was in years ago. I can assure you I looked very fancy and sophisticated while I was standing still but the minute I started walking I looked like a fawn trying to take her first steps. It was a sight.

Katie's (the mom throwing the party) neighbor made these amazing cupcakes. They were as tasty as they were fancy.

I have to give Gina the "Fanciest dress" award. Check her out! Boa and all!

Two fancy girls, Maddie and Anna.

Here's the whole crew.

Lyndon even got to join in on the fun. (Eating is very fun for him.) He tried going around from chair to chair to finish off everyones food again but I was on to him this time!

They even got to wear real make-up!

Jonathon won't be thrilled to see this but Lyndon climbed right up to sit and wait for his turn for a make-up application. What can you expect from a little guy who hangs around 2 girls all day long? :) And yes, even Lyndon dressed up. I wrestled with him to wear the tie and I'm pleased to say, I WON!

Later that day cute little Mallory and Ariel surprised me with birthday balloons! When I opened the door I was bombarded with confetti and serenaded by Joey singing "Happy Birthday to You...this is your day...from this day forward...I'm gonna love you in every way..." Okay, it was just on a cd player but I felt as though he were right here. THANK YOU girls!!! You really put a BIG smile on my face.
side note: I do have to admit that I am old when it comes to wearing "Skinny jeans" as these beautiful girls are wearing. I don't think I could ever "pull off" this style.

Later that night after the kids went to bed Jonathon set up an amazing birthday dinner for me. La Margaritas, Martinelli's, and rice crispie treats. It couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you , sweetheart. It was the perfect end to my 31st birthday.

Thank you to all of you who called, stopped by and sent birthday wishes my way. I felt so loved.


KatieB said...

AAHHHH! I didn't know it was your birthday on Saturday! I should have been throwing you a party! Bad friend! (me, not you!). Sorry I didn't know. Happy B-day!!!!

The Lambs said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Consider yourself sung to again!! I wish we were closer to you- but long-distance will have to do. maybe next year you can come to Disneyland for your birthday and stay with us?

EmmaLee Robinson said...

Happy birthday. The new kids on the block has taken me back. Oh, the fun we had.

Lizzy said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Katie! I'm really mad at myself for forgetting. Glad to hear it was a good one.... and that NKOTB was involved :)

Erin Cummings said...

Happy Birthday Katie! I loved all your pictures and I especially died laughing when I saw your Martinelli's sparkling cider. Is that the ice maker's bucket it is in? Who needs a fancy one right?!! I love it! And that was really thoughtful of your husband to get you dinner and all that fun stuff to go with it for after the kids are sleeping! What fun!

Katie Evans Photography said...

yep, that's the ice bucket straight out of the freezer! Who needs a fancy one when we already have this, right? :)

galbraiths said...

Happy belated!! I am glad you found my blog too ;). Your kids are darling!!! I am with you. I know 30's are old, but I still feel young and fancy free!! That party looked like a lot of fun. that was a cute idea. And I love the new kids too!!! Glad things are going well!! now I can peek in on you!! ;) Hugs!

The Laing Gang said...

If it makes you feel any better I will always be older than you! Didn't I just turn 31 like last year? I have decided to stop keeping track now! Love you and I am glad that you had a good birthday! I wish that I could of gone to a Fancy Nancy party!

Lar and Doug said...

so glad you had a great birthday! don't worry, i'm very young and i use age defying moisterizer, too! :)

Heather said...

Ahem...happy birthday Katie! A LOT late. I'm so glad to know you have a blog now! And I love your pictures--you are so talented!