Wednesday, May 20, 2009

couldn't resist.

This is Lyndon on the naughty stool. I couldn't resist.
I've mentioned several times how Maddie is a hoarder. (is that a word) She packs up random bags, purses or boxes with her treasures and carries it with her while she plays. She's the ultimate 3 year old bag lady. The other day as she loaded her arms with her "treasures", she looked up at Jonathon and said nonchalantly,
"Hi Dad, I'm just carrying around my junk."

Maddie, Lyndon and I were racing (on foot if you must know). I would say, "on your mark, get set, GO!" Just as I was about to say it again to start our third race Maddie announced,

"Let me do the honors."

she's just so official.

Lately Maddie's been saying "See, I told you" a lot. She was beginning to sound pretty darn bossy so to nip this in the bud Jonathon gave her an alternative phrase. He said instead of saying, "see, I told you" just say "See what I mean". It worked like a charm. We had to remind her once or twice but she caught on fast and would always use her new term. Then one night as she was getting ready for bed Jonathon was explaining something to Maddie and he said, "See, I told you." To which Maddie quickly replied, "Uh, uh, dad, it's see what I mean!"

Maddie was at Toy-R-Us... (quick story: About a year ago we drove past a Best Buy and out of no where Maddie yelled, "Look, it's Daddy's Toy-R-Us!" We have no idea where she came up with that but we thought it was very clever. Every since she's always referred to Best Buy as "Daddy's Toy-R-Us". So the day that Jonathon asked Maddie if she wanted to go with him to Toys-R-Us she said, "Yours or mine?")... with Jonathon and picked out some airheads for her and Lyndon to share. remember airheads? They were out on the back porch eating them today so I snapped a few pictures.

Lyndon is giving Maddie and kiss. sweet.

a self portrait in the reflection of her glasses. :)


The McGraths said...

Maddie is a HOOT!

The Laing Gang said...

Look at those blue eyes!

Life and Times of C&G said...

Thats my Grandkids!
Aren't I lucky?

Cristiane Evans said...

Miss you guys!