Wednesday, May 13, 2009

couple of things.

On Mother's Day Jonathon gave me these beautiful daisies and Maddie gave me this card. Both of them also made me breakfast in bed. Lyndon, however, didn't get the memo that is was Mother's day because #1, he didn't as much as SAY happy Mother's Day and #2, he was a little pill for me during the entire Sacrament meeting. The little darling would unbutton the last button on my knee length dress and then dart for the isle. I couldn't just run after him because I had to quickly button up my dress as not to let the whole ward get a show. To my dismay he not only accomplished this little trick once but twice. I'm beginning to question my own intelligence. (Jonathon stayed home with Maddie who wasn't feeling good. At this point I was thinking I chose the short end of the stick.)

Maddie picked out the card all by herself. I was told that Jonathon was the scribe but Maddie provided all the heart felt answers by herself...

Who am I to say that a
peanut butter, strawberry and whip cream sandwich
isn't tasty?

(obviously Lyndon enjoys it.)

He will keep stickers on his hand like this until I'm the one to take them off. Little things like this fascinates me about this kid.

Maddie and Lyndon are enjoying their new little sandwich concoction when Maddie took it one step too far...
She wanted to add Turkey.
I wasn't too surprised because this was coming from a girl who wanted me to pour maple syrup on her macaroni and cheese. (I did. she like it.)

she liked the turkey too.

Let me tell you a little story about a boy and his blanket...
There was this boy. He was charming.
There was this blanket. It was silky.
One day the charming boy met the silky blanket.
Their lives will forever be intertwined.
This is Lyndon's "na na" as he so affectionately calls it. I'm pretty sure he loves this things more than me occasionally.

This last picture I found today. It's Maddie and Lyndon playing at, our friend, Gina's house. I like how it shows them just quietly getting a long and playing together. Ahh, sure love those two kiddos.


Karen said...

I thought of you and your kids tonight. My little girl was playing tea party and there was Conner pouring himself some "tea" with her. I love your blog! I love the pics you take. This post made me smile and think of happy times, thank you!

The Laing Gang said...

My favorite answer from Maddie is that the present that she would get you would be a dog. Wait a minute...did that say present for Maddie or present for mommy?! :)

rachellynn said...

Those flowers are so pretty and I love the scrapbook card idea - what a treasure!!!