Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picky, Picky.

Lyndon loves yogurt. But he's very particular. Not about the flavor or the texture but about this:

I want you to look closely and compare these 2 pictures. The top one... UNACCEPTABLE, the bottom one...satisfactory. The top one...he WILL NOT EAT. The bottom one...yum, yum Lyndon likey. See if you can see what the culprit is...

Yes, you guessed it...a tinsy winsy, itty bitty little piece of green foil. How dare I leave it on there. What am I, an animal?
He eats old macaroni and cheese off the floor. How was I to know that he doesn't accept food that has a piece of tin foil on it's container. Sheesh.
Note to self:
Close our bathroom door EVERY TIME I leave. Every time.

Our little mascara boy.
And yes, that is also my lipstick that he is so kindly handing back to me. What a little darling.


Ashlee said...

I knew right off that you had lazily left a bit of foil on the yogurt cup...I would be rich if I were paid every time my boys reject yogurt for the same issue. :)

Anonymous said...

How dare you? What kind of mom are you?
These silly silly kids!!
I love reading your fun fun posts!
Keep em coming!

Cristiane Evans said...

Wow, I have to wow you because you noticed that the problem was with the teeny tiny piece of foil. I'm more like: You don;t want yogurt? Fine, your options are to have it, or to not have it. Meaaaaaan me

Kristen said...

ewww, mascara. my daughter likes my lipstick and has ruined a few. tell me when you have another baby and i'll be there if you want:)

The Laing Gang said...

I want you to know that I knew just what was wrong before I scrolled down...he is definetely related to my kids!

Randi said...

Logan is the SAME way with food. It is both enfuriating and endearing at the same time.

Children are such sweet contradictions!

Lizzy said...

I thought we had already learned to double-check the bathroom door when we left it? After that toliet brush attack you told me about, that would be the first thing I did - everytime. HA :)