Sunday, May 31, 2009

fresh animal, anyone?

Jonathon and I were sitting on the floor in the hall while Maddie was "cooking" something up in her pretend kitchen in the playroom. After a while she comes over to us carrying a large tray with various food items to share. She poured us each a glass of "grape juice" then stood up and just as sweet as ever asked,

"How about some fresh animals?"

uh, what? Did she just say ANIMALS? Before I knew what was coming next she very carefully comes walking around the corner carrying...THIS:

sure enough, it was some fresh animals...all baked nicely in a mini muffin pan.

I couldn't catch my breath. The laughing just went on and on. When I heard her say, "Don't laugh Mom, it's just some animals I cooked up."...that's when I think I just about peed my pants.

Where does she come up with this?
This poor little chicken looks like he's begging me to save him.
Obviously there's no vegetarians in this house. I guess we even eat unicorn.

Advice from a concerned older sister to a sugar-a-holic little brother:

Maddie: "Lyndon, too much sugar is not nutritious and makes your tummy hurt."

Oh, how wise.

One of Lyndon's favorite phrases is "HEBY". (heavy) He's constantly picking things up or pushing something saying, "dats HEBY", "Heby", "oooh it's HEBY" I think it makes him feel strong and cool. Like, check me out, I'm strong, I can pick up this HEBY toy!

We took the kids to the park this week to fly their kite. I was really impressed with how well they did. They both were able to keep the kite in the air. Seeing both of them run like mad just to keep the kite afloat was probably a highlight for me.

Last but not least, Jonathon and I got to go on a date Friday night. It's sooooo nice to be able to just hang out together without having that feeling like we really should be home so he can work on the record. I felt FREE!! We went to Austin Park and Play. (I think that's the name of it.) They have a rock wall, mini golf, go-carts, batting cages, lazer tag...and more! :) Just the place for us. This was actually my first time in the batting cages and I really liked it. i think I was inspired by my photo shoot at Dell Diamond baseball field! :) I was knockin' those balls out of the park...okay not really but I still felt really cool. We even won enough tickets to get THESE amazing friendship bracelets. I wear mine with love and honor. :)

(yes, we know how pale we are, no need to point it out. :) We pretty much dip Maddie and Lyndon in sunscreen. Poor kids, they never had a chance.)


Ashlee said...

I love your writing and your photos! What camera/lenses do you use? The sno shack is awesome and super tasty! And a screaming deal at 1.25 each! You will have to take cool pictures of the 4th because there's no place like home when it comes to the 4th of July.

Shy said...

You guys make such a fun cute little family! I love reading your posts! Can't wait to see you!

Erin Cummings said...

Mmmm, fresh animals. Hehehe, that was really cute! She is a doll! I just went out shopping today and got our outfits for the pictures you are doing for us! I am so excited to get some up to date ones. Thanks Katie!

Cammie said...

Those animals look delicious! Sweet chicken...tasty.

Cristiane Evans said...

Man, the kids are growing so fast!
Still super cute though!

About skin color... I know you probably had some trouble making Michael and I look good together... lol
I look SO YELLOW beside him and he looks SO transparent! LOL It always makes me laugh.

I hope our kids come out with a normal color hahaha

Ashlee said...

Hi Katie - I am using a Canon xSI with 18-55 and 75-250? I think! I have my eye on the 50mm. I am going to have to get it soon! I really want the more expensive 50 mm (1.4) but will probably end up with the 1.8 for the price!