Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mom

My Mom

I want to write a little tribute to my Mom on Mothers Day…just one day late.

After my older sister had her fist little boy she framed and gave this quote to my Mom. I read it and always like it but I never quite felt the full impact until now. This is what it said:

“Mothers become closer to daughters
when daughters become mothers.”

I knew my Mom loved me like no other but I didn’t realize just how deep her love ran until I had Maddie and Lyndon. The love of a mother for her child is indescribable. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them, right? The old saying, “this will hurt me more than it will hurt you” is so true.

After knowing the magnitude of my Mom’s love for me it makes me see all the loving and caring things that she did for me in a new light. Like when she worked with me when I was in the 4th grade creating a miniature size room in a shoebox for a book report that was due the next day. We worked well past my bedtime so I was getting tired. I wanted it to be the perfect model that I had envisioned and I wasn’t going to stop until it was complete. My mom finally told me to go to bed and she would finish it before I woke the next morning. I was eager to wake up and see the final product. I ran into the kitchen and there it was…sitting on the table like some kind of master piece. It was perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She made a tiny blanket and pillows…just like I wanted, a tiny table and chairs out of matchsticks…just like I wanted. I was so proud to bring my project to school that day. I kept that little shoebox room for years. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated her for that.

That certainly wasn’t the only time she stayed up into the wee hours of the morning for me. For my 6th grade track meet I needed some royal blue shorts. Being the prepared daughter that I was, I told her about it as I was getting into bed the night before the track meet. Because she cared so much and knew how much it meant to me I woke up to find a new pair of royal blue running shorts that she stayed up late to make for me. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated her for that.

My Mom has always been a good friend to me. Even during those awkward, independent teenage years I knew I could always talk to and confide in my mom. I remember coming home from a night out with my friends. We always had the best times just being stupid and silly. I could always share my excitement with my Mom (and dad). They have always supported and trusted me. I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated her for that.

My mom is truly one of my best friends. She has been a shining example of goodness throughout my entire life. I was talking about my mom with a woman who knows my mom quite well. As I was leaving she said reverently, "Your Mom is an angel, you know." I just nodded and replied, "I know."
I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her for that.

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