Tuesday, February 23, 2010

feeling cozy and crafty.

Look what's happening today!!

I can't believe how much snow we're getting. It feels so cozy to see the big flakes falling outside and hear the heater on in our house. I think I'll go make some hot cocoa...

So I've been feeling a little crafty lately. This is what I put together while the kids were napping. (Actually I thought Lyndon was napping until Jonathon peeked in and found him sitting on top of Madaline who really was napping. He missed her.)

Anyways...here's an idea for a FREE bulletin board...

I made it out of those cardboard bolts that they wrap fabric around. When I was little my Mom, who is a crafting guru, helped us make a bulletin board out of a cardboard fabric bolt. I wanted a bigger bulletin board and wasn't willing to spend the $40 + on it so I went to the fabric store and asked them if I could have their empty bolts. I then taped 14 bolts together and wrapped it in fabric that a friend of mine gave me and viola, a free bulletin board. Not too shabby.

I plan to put up pictures, goals, ideas etc.

(I actually have quite a few left over so if you want any, let me know!)


Randi said...

That is ADORABLE!!!

I want to make one for Sierra's room so she'll stop putting holes in her wall...

can I have some of those fabric bolts...I want a big one like you have so I'll take whatever you'll give me!

Since I commented first I get dibs, right!?! :)

See ya later, you craft goddess!

Katie Evans Photography said...

Yes, you can definetely have 14 fabric bolts...and to anyone else...I still have more! I know, it's a little ridiculous!

caroline said...

pick me pick me!! I'm totally interested in your extras. I've been wanting a big bulletin board-but like you- I don't really want to pay that much $$. yours turned out great!!! love it!