Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jonathon is a member of our family.

Jon frequently comments that he feels as if he isn't present on our so-called "family" blog. And as I've thought about it, I've come to the conclusion that he is in fact correct. So as a valentine gift and an attempt to let everyone out there in the blog sphere know that yes, Maddie and Lyndon have a Daddy and yes, I do indeed have a are 28 (because there are 28 days in February. get it?) reasons that I LOVE my Jonathon...

1. He wanted me to call him "Jonathon" (instead of Jon) early on in our relationship.
2. He saves the last bite for me. EVERY TIME. no exceptions.
3. He makes me laugh out loud at least once a day. (Real belly laughs, not sympathy laughs.)
4. He has 2 really great parents. (He really does. I'm not just sucking up.)
5. He takes (and enjoys it.) Maddie to Daddy Daughter dances.
6. He knows more useless facts than any one I've ever met.
7. He's is an amazing musician.
8. He will play his guitar and sing to me.
9. He's downstairs making me a surprise Valentine Dinner as I type this.
10. He likes dressing up when we go on dates.
11. He remembers every single important date, even the ones I the date we got engaged.
12. He listens to my constructive criticisms and actually puts it into action immediately.
13. He opens the car door for me.
14. He loves and cares about every member of my family.
15. He puts up with my occasional orneriness and then puts a lid on it at just the right time.
16. He has so many dreams and goals in life.
17. He is one heck of a nursery leader.
18. He's patient and kind with Maddie and Lyndon.
19. He is moved to tears by the Olympics.
20. He knows almost nothing about cars but wants to.
21. He helps people when he sees a need.
22. He stands up for what he believes even if it's uncomfortable. (For him or for me.)
23. His love and interest in music and anything musically related is contagious. (I never thought I would care about or look forward to watching the Grammy's as much as I do.)
24. He always wants to share what's on his mind with me. If we're in a room with lots of people and something is said that is funny, sad, interesting, whatever, he always looks to me to make eye contact.
25. I'm his favortie friend.
26. He likes to play games with me. (Except for Mad Gab. He hates it.)
27. On the same note, he's extremely competitive with me when we play against each other. But when we play with other couples he loves for me to win.)
28. Last but not least...He makes me feel like I'm the most important person in the world. (I just hope I can do the same for him.)

Now you know. There is a man. He is my husband. He is Maddie and Lyndon's Dad. He is amazing. His name is Jonathon.


Christa and Matt said...

I love this post, what a great guy! I am also amused that we only get a glimpse of his face in the picture.

And I'd like to personally vouch that his his an awesome nursery teacher, he's taken on some of our craziest (I think mine tops that list). Hope you two have a great V-day!

Lonna said...

My favorite has to be that the Olympics can bring him to tears. That is great.

I think this is a wonderful way to recognize a awesome man who cooks for you. I am jealous. Here's to Jon!

Cammie said...

That's a great list.
I especially like the random facts thing. I remember that about him. I was always impressed that he seemed to have as many useless facts rolling around his brain as I did. In fact, he probably had more.
You're cute Katie.

Shy said...

Jonathon is amazing! You two are great together! Loved the post!