Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We have animals.

Any idea what this is? anyone? anyone?

I was making dinner while Maddie and Lyndon were playing in the pantry. After a couple of minutes I thought, hummm, I should probably go check on them...

I open the door to find the above scene...oatmeal strewn all over the floor and Maddie blurting out, "It was Lyndon. It was ALLLLLL Lyndon."

After a couple deep breaths I send Lyndon to the naughty stool and set the timer for 2 minutes.
As soon as he does his time I kneel down next to him and say, "Lyndon, do you know why you're in time out?" Silence. I repeat, "Do you know why you're sitting in timeout?" Silence.

Finally, he spoke.

"For feeding the horses."

"What?", I said.

"For feeding the horses their oats.", he promptly said again.

Heaven help me.


The Laing Gang said...

How do you argue with that one!? He was taking caring of your horses...by the way, when did you get horses? :)

Lonna said...

I am glad that I was not the one dealing with that. I totally would have started laughing. How can one be upset with a response like that?

I think that is so funny. But not funny enough that I want a repeat scene over here. Now that Lyndon has done it there can be no funny repeats.

Just wondering what books are you reading to your kids that talk about the different kinds of foods that animals eat? I think it is pretty clever that he knew that oats are for the horses.

Randi said...

THAT is priceless!

rachellynn said...

He gets points for being creative right?!

Shy said...

Camden and Kael did that to our living room floor, oats and dried onions, only they didn't have a good reason like Lyndon, we don't have horses! You gotta love boys!