Sunday, February 7, 2010

I heart Valentine's Day

I tend to write mostly about the kids and their crazy ways but today I'm going to write some things that have been going on in my head.

I forgot something pretty important yesterday. I can't believe I forgot about it. Our Stake has combined baptisms for kids turning 8, the first Saturday of every month. Yesterday was our ward's turn to have someone there to lead the music and provide a musical number. Guess who didn't show up? Luckily our cute Activity day girls showed up to sing. But I was MIA. How could I forget? I'm mad at myself.

So then i start thinking, why in the world can't I keep it all together? ...just when it seems I start getting the hang of one portion of my life I end up dropping the ball in another. Does everyone else have it all together or is it just me? Does anyone else forget to brush their kids teeth? or have messy bathrooms? or sticky floors? or slack on visiting teaching? or neglect your lawn? or feed your kids chicken nuggets 3 days in a row? or forget to show up to lead the music at a Stake baptism? or is it just me?

If someone has got it all together I'm not sure if I really want to know or if I want you to share some tips with be the judge. :)
(on a very random side note: My sweater smells like squiggly noodles {aka: raman noodles} I wish it smelled like Tide.)

Okay, on to the more interesting stuff...
I'll explain Maddie's "Daddy" tattoo at the end of the post. The picture got out of order and it's too big of a pain to re-do the picture order.)
We made sugar cookies and frosted them. Nothing says Valentines day more that a soft sugar cookie and pink frosting.

Jonathon took this picture. I'm pretty sure he was thinking of me. :)

Ha! They don't look too impressed with my cookie do they? :)

We also made these cute valentines out of dum dum suckers. I got the idea from the Family Fun Magazine.

Jonathon drums are downstairs now so the band can practice. Lyndon and Maddie LOVE to get on them and pound out a beat or two. You can see in this first picture that Lyndon always starts off with hitting the sticks together and saying, "One, two, three, four!"

So this is why Maddie had a "daddy" heart on her cheek...She and Jonathon went to a "Daddy Daughter Valentine Dance". They went with Jamie and his daughter, Anna. Maddie had THE BEST time. Jonathon said she was dancing like there was no tomorrow and she was so sad when the dance was over. She would have kept dancing and dancing.
We used her dress that my Mom made for Rachel's wedding and then made a new pink sash and pink hair bow to go with it. Very Valentiney.

Maddie thought of this pose all on her own.

the end.


Karen said...

I love this post. No, you're not alone. my kids frequently don't get dressed unless we are going somewhere, I slack on doing the dishes and don't even get me started on the bathroom. I understand. I feel like I'm constantly forgetting things and someday I feel like I might be loosing my mind, but I think it's all apart of being a mom.

The Jen said...

Oh my gosh. Cutest little girl and Daddy ever. I love those picures. Also, no, none of us have it together. It all started with pregnancy #1 when I threw out a $600 dollar tax return. It's never gotten better, not even between pregnancies. And I hate to say this, but watch out for kid #3, I am so forgetful and say such stupid things I wish I was on bedrest so I could stop embarrassing myself. And forget about eating healthy, my kids have eaten more Papa John's in the last 4 months than they have in their lives. Just something to chew on :)

Lonna said...

I have decided to stop blog stalking you and pipe up because of this post. First of all I am totally with you on the chicken nuggets multiple days in a row...and I forget loads of things, I am sure that there could be a baptism in there somewhere.

You can hardly be so harsh on yourself with all the great things that you do ALL the time, like pureeing your own veggies to sneak them into foods for your kids,all the crafts and creative ideas and activities that you do with your kids, and that you do for your calling! I have seen some of the things that you have done, and I will say that I am more than impressed.

The holidays brought out the worst in us and I don't think that our kids even know what it is like to eat a home cooked meal, how sad is that!

I do have to say I think that idea for the dum dum's is so cute, I just might steal that one in the future.

Your cookies turned out really cute, and Maddie is such a doll, do you think that she could teach Gwen to be such a nice and quiet girl?

Kellie DeMille said...

Thanks for keeping it real Katie. I forgot an activity I was in charge of the other day and got a call on my cell just as we were walking into Marie Callandar's for lunch. Talk about a pain in the butt, I had to haul to get to the chapel and instead of my nice lunch I got a burrito from the Taco Bell drive thru. I have a plan-a-day and I consult it many times throughout the day just to see what I am suppose to be doing, it's sad. I love the craft and the cookies!

rachellynn said...

SO SO SO SO SO cute!!! And I'm glad that you've been able to use the dress again!