Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guardian Angels.

I'm 99% sure that Lyndon has his own guardian angel. And I'm 100% sure that the poor thing was pretty tuckered out this week.
Case #1: On Wednesday I was in our closet and I see a bright flash of light out of the corner of my eye accompanied by a subtle "poof" sound. Jonathon and I both went running out the hall to see what was going on. What do we find?
a blackened wall socket.
a nightlight.
And a melted and blackened penny. do the math. (or the science?)
(btw, Lyndon suffered no damage and was, thankfully, extremely frightened from the whole ordeal.)
Case #2: Saturday Night as we are enjoying a fun night at our friends house, when realize we can't find Lyndon anywhere. we were sick. Everyone was looking for him, shouting his name. Where do we finally find him? Outside at the neighbor's house having a nice little chat with their kids.
I'm pretty sure that kid's gonna be wearing his "backpack" (aka: leash) until he's 20.
Here are our pictures from Valentine's Day...
This is our little Valentine couple heading to church... pretty darn cute.

Lyndon can't help himself...he's a born dancer.

Ready to jump...

They do love each other. :)

For Valentines Day Jon made me a surprise dinner. (below) But before I explain how YUMMY our dinner was I first need to recount our Valentine morning...

I go downstairs to find 3 red cards sitting on the counter that read, "Lyndon", "Maddie", and "Katie" with a note on top of them that said, "Don't open without me". Ooooh goody. I was so excited. (On a side note just a few weeks earlier Jon and I were talking about receiving greeting cards. I expressed to him how disappointing it is to me to get a card and the only thing a person writes in it is "Love, so-and-so". Even if the person spent so much time picking out the perfect card, the only message that really means a lot to me in the one written by the person.) Okay, so we go and get Jonathon and Maddie opens her card first. It had a really sweet and quite lengthy sentiment written just for her by Jon. Then we open Lyndon's card. Same thing. Sweet words perfectly written by a loving Dad. Then I open mine. First of all I was thrown off by his choice in cards because on the front of the card was a dog wearing heart shaped glasses. Now if any of you know me you would understand that this kind of a card isn't something that would usually pique my interest due to the fact that #1 I'm not so much a dog lover and #2 dressing them up is even worse. But I didn't really care about that because I knew Jonathon had taken the time to write a thoughtful sweet Valentine inside. So I eagerly open the card and my eyes immediately lock in on the only 2 words written inside, "Love, Jonny". silence. But as soon as I looked at him I was only a joke. (you see I have this gift that I can look at Jon's face and know exactly what is going on in his mind. he's loves that I can do that.) Sure enough the rascal wanted to throw me off and he had the real card hidden away. Which turned out to be very sweet and filled with lots of writing. My favorite kind.

Okay on to the food...
He made us fillet Mignon, scalloped potatoes and green beans. It was all cooked to perfection.

And for dessert...Chocolate turtle pie.
(notice the picture is blurry and there is already a bite taken out? I was so excited to dive in that I forgot to take the picture and I didn't care that the only shot I took was blurry because I was way more interested in just eating.)
It was a great Valentines Day...even though my husband likes to combine the typically romantic holiday with April Fools Day.

For Family Home Evening this last week we had our own "Evans Family Olympics"!! It was fun. We had an obstacle course and a dunking contest.
Here is Lyndon starting the obstacle course...

Maddie finishing up the obstacle course...

And here's Lyndon helping "Sarafina" (Any Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper" watchers out there?) finish the obstacle course.

Never a dull moment, huh?
(In reality there are dull moments ALL THE TIME around here but I don't seem to capture those to post on the blog.)


Randi said...

Um? Who doesn't have a 3-10 year old girl, and not know who Sarafina is?

"Yes! I am a girl like youuuuuu!"

Bullock said...

What a great idea! I might steal it for FHE next week. Yes we love Sarafina too.

Also I loved your post about Vernon Hunter, well said.